Birthday Week, Countdown to Prague 34 days!


I’m about to leave for the Magical City of Prague in the Czech Republic in approximately 34 days. After graduating from the University of Arkansas in 2012, the lack of job opportunities had prompted me to apply for a TEFL program a few months past. T.E.F.L. stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and with my certification I plan to travel the world and teach English to foreign students. As awesome a goal as it seemed a few months ago, approaching closer to the date of my departure has filled me with both excitement and dread. Although Prague is a hub of expats, this post-soviet country has slew of pick-pockets and petty theft reports that makes my anxiety go through the roof just researching about it. The negatives aside, Prague has a very well preserved medieval castle (one of the largest complexes in the world) and other historical landmarks that make this history lover’s heart swoon. It is also home to a culture that takes a no-nonsense approach to life that is quite interesting and intriguing to an introvert like me. Nearing the end of this week is my 25th birthday and with it, this millennial is having a bit of a quarter life crisis and only wants to prove her worth in the re-migration back to the “mother lands.”Image


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